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KGUARD® Trailer – edge protection system for vehicles

Designed specifically to meet and exceed the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

KGUARD’s® Vehicle Fall Prevention System offers full “fall prevention” when loading and unloading from vehicles by cranes and associated mechanical handling equipment.

Quick and easy to install on the majority of standard European commercial trailers by means of a series of clamps temporarily fixed at 2.4m intervals to the trailer’s platform edge.


KGUARD® edge protection safety posts and adjustable link bars are then inserted into the clamps providing a 1.2m high safety guardrail at 90 degrees to the platform.
The Vehicle Fall Prevention System leads the market as it is specifically designed to “prevent” falling as opposed to “fall arrest” as offered by other systems on the market.
It does not protrude from the trailer when installed, allowing the vehicle to manoeuvre as and when required.

As the Vehicle Fall Prevention System is designed to use the existing KGUARD® edge protection system’s standard equipment, costs can be kept to a minimum by utilising and maximising site components that may be available for use on the same project.

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